Congratulations to Bola Fayemi of London. She is the winner of the Nova Craft Canoe in the 17th Annual Thames River Clean Up. Bola cleaned up the Thames River in the Cedar Hollow area. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers and generous sponsors. Don't forget to pick up and enjoy your adopted sections of our cherished Thames River all year round.

The Friends of the Thames would like to Thank All our Volunteers and Sponsors During the last 17 years, 1000's of environmentally concerned volunteers, landowners, clubs, organizations and municipalities have pulled together on Earth Week to help clean up sections of the Thames River watershed. This year almost 2000 volunteers cleaned up and "Adopted" 200 km of our Canadian Heritage River.

If you would like to help the 'Friends of the Thames" and show your appreciation for our Canadian Heritage River by making the Thames River cleaner and healthier, come out and clean up your favourite spot.

Thanks for all your help and dedication.

Thank You Everyone from the Friends of the Thames for another successful Thames River Clean Up!

For more information, contact Todd Sleeper at or call 519-229-6926.

Do you want to preserve and protect our Thames River for future generations?
Then consider "Adopting" and caring for a section of the Thames or tributary and join the "
Friends of the Thames