How do I get involved in the Thames River Clean Up?
Click on contacts and scroll to the contact person in the area or community in which you want to volunteer. Tell your contact person you would like to help clean up the Thames River or tributary so that they will have enough supplies for everyone. Ask them what time and where is everyone meeting?

What if I want to form a group and clean up a New section of the Thames River or tributary?
Great! That is how we expand the "Adopt a River" concept. Email Todd Sleeper at for more info.

Can I qualify for Community Service Hours?
Yes! Your hours of Community Service can be endorsed/ verified by your community contact person.

Where can I get supplies?
At Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC) , 1051 Wellington Road, London, ON.
* Please click on their link for directions. Call 519-668-6657 for orders more than 10 volunteers.

What will I need to bring?
Dress for the weather. The weather in April is unpredictable. Check your local forecast before heading out. You may need sun screen or long underwear. Wear proper footwear, work gloves will be supplied to you. A snack and beverage is a good idea. Bring along a camera to take before, during and after photos. Photos will be posted on the website with the volunteer's permission. Bring your friends & family to help the environment and preserve our Canadian Heritage River for future generations.

What tools may be helpful?
A pail and garbage grabber is very useful. A broken hockey stick or long pole with a hook on the end will allow you to reach over the banks and up into trees. A wheel barrel will help move the garbage and debris (that you have collected) to a convenient location for the municipality to pick up.

What is the difference between the London Clean & Green and Thames River Clean Up?
The Thames River Clean Up is focused on the Thames River and all the tributaries. The Thames River Clean Up is organized in 17 communities in the watershed. Over 1500 volunteers cleaned up 200 km of our Thames River last year. We do not have an online registration as to protect our community service hour's creditability.

London Clean & Green cleans up litter and garbage along sidewalks and boulevards across the city, in the downtown area and in many parks that may not be on the Thames or tributary. However some of the parks do follow the water and volunteers may participate in both when they clean up in those parks.

What to do with the Garbage and Debris?
Most of the municipalities are picking up the garbage collected by our volunteers. Work with your municipality or Parks Dept. to find out what is the best way to ensure the garbage isn't left in an area that's impossible to be picked up. Tell someone in charge.

Where do I get a registration form?
You can get a registration form from our website or from your community contact person. Please read all the safety precautions, fill out the form and sign it. If you are under 18 years old you must have it signed by your parent or guardian. The registration form is also your ballot to win the Nova Craft Canoe.

Where do I take my registration form to ensure I'm in the draw to Win the Nova Craft Canoe?
You can leave your registration form with your community contact person or drop it off at Nova Craft Canoe.
You can also drop it off, mail it or fax it to:
The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority
1424 Clarke Rd.,
London, Ont. N5V 5B9
Fax # 519-451-1188.

When will the Nova Craft Canoe be drawn?
We will draw the Nova Craft Canoe on May 10th @ 2 pm, 2019 at Nova Craft Canoe. The extra time is to allow for ballots to be mailed in and to avoid that unpredictable April weather.